Transform Your Suicide Prevention Practices

Expert consultation for optimal results

person holding gray heart shape ornament
person holding gray heart shape ornament

Customized Hospital Consultation Services

Customized consultation services for best-practice suicide prevention in the hospital setting.

Services include risk assessment & gap analysis, policy editing & development, staff training/competency, development of LMS education and more.

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green potted plant on brown wooden floor

Expert Consultation for Your Hospital

  • 12+ years dual nursing and academic experience in medical/behavioral health

  • 5+ years Advanced Practice Nurse as a Clinical Nurse Specialist with experience in best practice implementation, research, project development and more...

  • 5+ years assisting hospitals with suicide prevention practices

  • Regulatory preparedness: Suicide Prevention

  • Multi-hospital Policy writer/editor: Suicide Prevention

  • Multi-hospital Clinical and Non-clinical education development: Suicide Prevention

Podium Presentation: Advocating for Suicide Prevention Best Practices for Adults in the Inpatient Medical Hospital Setting

Poster Presentation: Advancing Suicide Prevention Best Practices in Non-psychiatric Hospital Units Through Advanced Practice Nursing

Doctoral Research: Assessing Nurses’ Knowledge and Perceptions When Caring for Patients at Risk for Suicide

I am dedicated to helping the movement in suicide prevention and reducing the risk of harm to patients in the hospital. As a subject matter expert in the hospital setting, I have years of experience in helping hospitals meet or exceed best practice for suicide prevention. I can customize consultation services tailored to your hospital's needs.

Expert advice on implementing suicide prevention practices in the hospital setting.